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Firecracker June 08

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

WHEW! It’s been an interesting few weeks as I’ve traveled to Chicago, Moab, Los Angeles, and Sonoma County, CA. And yes, I’ve even traveled by train, which, as many Americans are re-discovering, is a wonderful and relatively hassle-free way to travel. Except for a five-day stint in Cleveland for a medical conference, I haven’t been in the same place for more than three nights in a row for almost six weeks! While travel allows me to do some cool things: sleeping on my friends’ live-aboard boat in LA, bicycling in California wine country, running in the desert of Moab, and playing at “The Bean” in Chicago. All along I’ve been catching up with great old friends and meeting some amazing new ones.

In Moab I participated in an Advanced Wilderness Life Support course, and in Cleveland I attended a conference on Management of Humanitarian Emergencies, focus on Pediatrics. For more info on these courses, click here.

As you can imagine this kind of schedule can get pretty tiring. It takes a toll on the training schedule, not to mention the waistline. Your schedule isn’t your own, you’re not sure where or how you are going to get your training run (or swim, ride) in that day, you hope you will have good coffee when you need it (although that is not as much of a problem here as it is in China), you don’t know when you’ll get time to check email or work on your several other projects hanging over your head. I like to think that I’m a pretty easy-going traveler, but even this schedule tried me and tired me. Even so, I don’t really intend to complain because I don’t think I would do anything differently. I am going to embrace life as it comes – the rest and the travel and all the great food!

Over the last few weeks I have found (again) that God provides the rhythm that I need when there seems to be no rhythm. The more I allow him, the more he takes care of me, and when my heart is cared for I have the energy I need for the next meeting. I have also been blessed with some amazing life-giving encounters. What I think will be a routine meeting to discuss China and the work I’m doing there turns out to be a dynamic conversation on life and the Kingdom. This happens unexpectedly and just when I need a boost. Not that I have had any dull meetings – all of my encounters have been interesting and moving. However, some just seem to have more depth of connection and life to them.

One of the things that keeps me going is simply the fact that if I can’t be doing the work I love to do, at least I can talk about it and get as many people excited about it as I can! I have many more places to go and many more people to meet along the way. My schedule continues to evolve, so I hope that it includes meeting you in person!

Morning Sun Center of Hope is now open! The Zhengzhou Charity hospital officially opened its doors to 25 infant orphan children on 25 May. Some were admitted for cleft lip/palate surgery and some were admitted for intensive physical therapy. Those needing surgery stay in the hospital in order to undergo presurgery assessments, as well as gain the weight necessary to make the minimum recommended weight for surgery. After the surgery, they will return to the hospital for post-operative care. The children with cerebral palsy will undergo intensive physical therapy and their regular nannies from the orphanage will be there to learn how to do the therapy. Please see the MSCH website for more information. This is exciting! I wish I could be there NOW!

Hosanna Update!

Hosanna, the orphan Chinese girl with the blood disorder is now in Canada! She got a visa from Canada to go home with her foster parents so that they can have a home study in their hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. Please continue to pray for favor with both Canada and China that all goes forward for her adoption by these people now so dedicated and to whom Hosanna is by now so attached as parents.



One thought on “Firecracker June 08

  1. Hi like your web information. Sounds like you are keeping busy with the travels, runs, and Dr meetings.

    Talked to your Mom and we are going to try to see them one day next week (July 29th, 30th, or 31st). They were not certain what your schedule was but we will try to adjust if you ae going to be in the area??

    If we miss you this trip, we may be coming home for a class reunion in October (not certain which weekend yet). Your Mom thought you might be still around.

    Hope your trip is giving you some good relaxation and time to refocus and get ready to start again

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