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River Bank Run


A couple weeks ago I ran the Fifth Third River BankRun 25K in Grand Rapids, MI. Of course I ran a PR (personal record) because I’ve never raced that distance before. My time was 1:53.08 which was good enough for 51/1859 women and 6th in my age group. Not bad, and I shouldn’t complain but to be honest, I know I could have run faster, but I’m never ever totally satisfied with any race I run. The exception is my very first marathon in Bangkok, Thailand, because I had no idea what to expect. Now I just expect to be faster. I feel like I’m just now only beginning to learn how to run and race.

To see a photo of me running click HERE because I’m too cheap to order digital prints ($27.99 each). Unfortunately, no one was there at the finish line to take my picture for free! 🙂

Do you run? See you on the road!


2 thoughts on “River Bank Run

  1. Way to go!!!

  2. You are an awesome runner! The running photos look good.

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