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Firecracker 16 May 2008

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Celebrate with me today about Hosanna – the young Chinese orphan we have been following since last June. She turned two years old on May 1st and looks great!

In June 2007 she was given to a foreign couple for hospice foster care. However, we discovered that she had Beta Thalassemia, a chronic but treatable disorder of the red blood cell. We have connected with a blood specialist physician (hematologist) in Canada as well as in China (although in another city and province) who have provided great help and support. Hosanna has been getting monthly blood transfusions, and gets a treatment to clear her blood of all the extra iron accumulating from the frequent transfusions. Even so, I don’t believe these medical treatments would have made

such a dramatic difference without the good nourishment, care and love poured on her by this couple. She is maintained physically by the current treatment, but it is not a long term sustainable option. She needs a bone marrow transplant for cure, and although they can probably do this in China, performing one for a child with this disease would be experimental in this country.

Hosanna is now in the process of being adopted by this couple. She has a passport, but there are many

bureaucratic hurdles to overcome both in their home country and in China for this to happen – especially since Hosanna is a child with special needs, because the foster care parents want to pick her specifically, and because the regulations are not only always changing but are also opaque. I’m hoping and praying for favor that all can come together soon.

As for me, I’ve been traveling around parts of the country (see my schedule on the blog). It has been wonderful to visit with many people I haven’t seen in many years. The travel does get tiring, but not the speaking and sharing about China and orphans and exploited women and children. It sounds strange to say that I love to talk about it, but I hope that I can be a voice for those who are voiceless. I want to be a conduit of hope and invite others to be conduits with me.

When I was anticipating this schedule and wondering how I was going to maintain a sense of centered-ness in the midst of the travel, I had a good word from my spiritual director. She said that I need to practice being fully present with whomever I was meeting wherever I was meeting. I ask, what is there for me to receive and what is there for me to give in each encounter. I have been blessed every time.


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