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Firecracker 20/4/08

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Just as I think I’m getting into some sort of rhythm of life here, I’m either on the road again (expected) or something (unexpected) comes up. Not that it has to be a bad thing, it is just seems to be more a part of my normal life rather than the exception.

One of those unexpected things came up a couple days ago. The Diocese of Lansing (who got my name through a colleague) called to ask me about speaking at a conference on human trafficking sponsored by Catholic Charities. The planned speaker had to decline at the last minute. The conference, entitled is a single-day conference which will be held in Flint, MI on 24 April and in Ann Arbor on 25 April. For more information go here.

Another unexpected thing came up when my friend at whose house I was staying sold and closed within one week! Fortunately I was in town to move my stuff and that I had another friend who has an house for sale on the market.

The week of 28 April – 4 May I’ll be in the Atlanta/Birmingham area. If you are a regular reader (or not-so-regular) of my newsletters, live in that area, and would like to touch base with me in person, please let me know.


One thought on “Firecracker 20/4/08

  1. I’ve been thinking of you often. Lynn told me about your upcoming trips, so I’ll be keeping you in my thought regarding those, too. Had a great evening with your parents playing your Dad’s new game…lots of fun with just enough of the “cut-throat” element to keep us laughing all evening! Lots of snow here today…no school anywhere. Enjoy your trips and I hope they’re very successful in all ways! Love, Dini

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