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Hey all! I may be traveling to a place near where you are! Well, at least nearer than Asia, anyway.

Please note the following dates of my travel schedule as it is today. I’ll be updating this as the dates become more firm and as I add more travels. My home base is Grand Rapids, Michigan.

If I’m coming to an area near you and would like to connect in person, please reply with a comment! Hope to see you soon!

March 19-22 Fort Wayne

April 3-8 Fort Wayne

April 17-18 Philadelphia

April 24 (Flint) & 25 (Ann Arbor) Speaker: Human Trafficking and Juvenile Sexploitation Seminar

April 26 Indianapolis

April 27-May 1 Atlanta

May 2-4 Birmingham

May 10-12, 13, 14 Indianapolis

May 27-31 Advanced Wilderness Life Support Course (Moab, UT)

June 1-10 Southern & Northern California

June 13-15 Ft. Wayne, IN (BCC 15 June)

June 16-20 Humanitarian Emergencies Conference (Cleveland, OH)

June 27-July 2 Ft. Wayne, IN (Grace Christian Church 29 June)

July 4-8 Calgary, Alberta – Calgary Marathon!

July 11-14 Ft Wayne

July 10-30 ?????!!!! vacation in Great Smoky Mountains

July 31-Aug 4 Birmingham, AL, (31st =Grand Rounds Children’s Hospital)

Aug 5-8 Indianapolis, IN

Aug 10-12 Chicago

Aug 13-14 Grand Rapids

Aug 15-21 New Jersey (Interserve Retreat), New York City

Aug 22-24 Novi, Northville, MI

Aug 25-26 Grand Rapids

Aug 27-31 Ft Wayne

Sept 1-5  Geneva, Switzerland UNGIFT meeting

Sept 7-12 Green Lake, WI (International Christian Conference on Prostitution)

Sept 13 Lake City Ultramarathon 50K!

Sept 14-16 Dallas, TX (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Conference)

Sept 17-20 Wichita Falls, TX

Sept 21-25 Washington DC (Dept HHS National Symposium Human Trafficking)

Sept 26 – Fort Wayne

Oct 1-3 Washington DC

Oct 13-15 – Grand Rapids

Oct 17-26 Los Angeles, Santa Rosa, Long Beach, CA

Oct 27-30 Portland, OR

Oct 31- Nov 1 Indianapolis

Nov 2-11 Fort Wayne

Nov 12-15 Louisville, KY

Nov 16-23 Ft Wayne

Nov 19-20 Chicago

Nov 24-26 Grand Rapids

My schedule continues to flux and change and will keep updating this page as things become clear. Would love to hear from you and would love to see you!


6 thoughts on “my schedule

  1. Hey Katherine…
    I’m in Chicago and was thinking I’m not too far away from Indiana and some of your other stops… anyways, don’t know what you’re plans are… I’m sure you’re super busy but if you ever have a little bit of free time or if you end up coming to Chicago I’d love to see you. How far of a drive is it to Michigan?
    Hope you’re having a great visit in the US and the reverse culture shock has gotten better.

  2. Elizabeth! You have the ultimate honor of being the FIRST to leave a comment on my blog!

    I’m only about 3 hour drive from Grand Rapids to Chi-town. I actually have plans to be in your town a couple of times – some to drop off my car to fly out, or whatever! Would be great to connect!


  3. Katherine, do you need blankets, afghans, socks, sweaters, etc. (that could be hand-knitted or crocheted) for the children? Thanks, Carole

  4. You bet! Let’s talk by phone or next time I’m in town!

  5. Sweet… I’d love to see you! Just let me know when. 🙂 I’ll send you my cell number on facebook.

  6. Hey Katherine,

    So good to ‘see’ you here!

    I see that you have already been through Philly, but if you come this way again, it would be wonderful to see you and catch up on things. There is plenty of room for you here too, a bed, good food and the fun of Philly!

    Hope to hear from you soon and it will be great to see you.

    All the best!
    Love, Britney

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